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About WICC 2024

The aim of this conference is to reduce disparities in Indigenous cancer. One way we can achieve this is to build on the momentum, discussions, and collaborations from the first two World Indigenous Cancer Conferences held in Australia (2016) and Canada (2019). 

The 2024 World Indigenous Cancer Conference (WICC) will bring together the people advancing and driving substantive developments in cancer services and research from across the globe. 

Throughout the WICC 2024 program we will create discussion aligning with the themes of WICC 2024:

PROCESS: Systematic activities and actions taken to achieve the aspirations and goals of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in cancer care and control. 

PROGRESS: Growth and advancement in cancer care and control for Indigenous and Tribal Peoples.

POWER: Existing power differentials and the role of self-determination in ensuring mechanisms of voice to support the needs and aspirations of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in cancer care and control.

Make plans now to join us in Melbourne (Naarm), Australia.
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Associate Professor Kalinda Griffiths

Poche SA+NT,
Flinders University, Australia

Dr Angeline Letendre

Lead Scientist, Community Research Stream at Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund, Alberta Health Services, Canada

Lea Bill

Alberta First Nations Information Governance Center, Canada

Professor Gail Garvey 

(Founding Convenor)


NHMRC Research Leadership Fellow and Professor of Indigenous Health Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

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