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WICC Awards

As part of WICC 2024, awards will be presented in the following categories:

  • Advocacy/Consumer ($1000)

  • Emerging Researcher ($1000)


Awards will be presented at the conference dinner on Tuesday 19 March 2024, and award recipients must be present at the dinner. 


To apply or nominate someone for an Advocacy/Consumer or Emerging Researcher, please complete the form below by February 28, 2024. All nominees must be attending the conference.



The Advocacy/Consumer Award is aimed at people working in cancer care for Indigenous patients or Indigenous people who have been diagnosed with cancer. The award will be given to someone that has provided a voice for Indigenous cancer care and shown outstanding energy and influence in cancer care for Indigenous people.  


Emerging Researcher

The Emerging Researcher Award is aimed at researchers in the field of cancer as it relates to Indigenous peoples. The award will be given to a researcher that is paving the way to reduce the burden of cancer among Indigenous populations around the world. The winner of this award will have demonstrated that they are emerging as a leading researcher in this field and their research has begun to make an impact in improving outcomes for Indigenous populations with cancer. 


This award is for someone presenting at the conference and is awarded based on their abstract and application form. It is open to current postgraduate students or people within three years postdoc or within five years as an active researcher. We will also consider applications from Indigenous researchers who are working in the field (five years minimum) but do not have formal postgraduate qualifications.

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